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Finding Aids

The following index identifies the names of research materials that are available for use at the New Hampshire Historical Society. By clicking on the hyperlinked titles, you will access the finding aid for the collection. A finding aid is a tool used to summarize the collection and describe how it is organized, as well as provide a detailed contents list of what is within the collection. It will assist you in determining if a collection is of interest.

Please Note: The New Hampshire Historical Society is undergoing climate control and energy-efficiency renovations. The Society's library reading room is open during renovations, though some research materials may not be accessible at certain times. For more information about research resources accessible during the renovations please contact Reference Librarian/Archivist Malia Ebel at or 603-856-0641.

Since all of our finding aids are not yet available, please return frequently as we continue to add them to the site or visit our online library and museum catalogs to search for other materials.

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A Back to top
Abbot-Downing Company Records 1930-001
Abbot, George Papers 1965-008
Abbott, William H. Papers 1986-042
Aiken Family Papers
Alexander, William H. Papers 1979-033
Allison, James Papers 1978-043
American Literary Collection 1989-113
Architectural Drawings of Chase R. Whitcher 2005-013
Atherton, Arlon S. Papers 1964-020
Atherton Family Papers 1940-001
Ayer, Richard H. Papers 1972-020
Ayres-Givens Family Papers 2002-032
Ayling, Augustus D. Papers 1971-028
B Back to top
Bachelder, John B. Papers 1921-001
Baldwin/Church Family Papers 1978-019

Barron, Merrill and Barron Records


Barstow Family Papers 1977-068
Bartlett, Asa W. Papers 1990-030
Bartlett, Caroline G. Papers 1935-001
Bartlett, Ezra Papers 2011-001
Bartlett Family (of Deering) Papers 1966-024
Bartlett Family Papers 1989-050
Bartlett, Josiah and Family (of Kingston) Papers 1940-003
Bartlett, Josiah (of Lee) Papers 1993-038
Bartlett, Levi Papers 1989-083
Bass, Perkins Papers
Batchelder Family Papers 1988-051
Bedel Family Papers 1880-002
Bedel, Timothy Papers 1880-001
Belknap, Reverend Jeremy Papers 1983-093
Bell Family Papers 1963-049
Bemis, Bernard F. Papers 1973-015
Benedict, Gladys F. Papers 1999-013
Birkner, Michael J. Papers 1989-051
Blackstone, Jesse Papers 1998-025
Blackwater River and Valley Railroad Records 1945-004
Blair, Robert, and Brennan, Ralph Papers 2006-001
Blair, Henry W. Papers 1974-070
Blake, Amos J. Papers 1991-086
Blake Family Papers 1982-015
Blodget, Samuel Papers 1996-004
Blood, Robert O. Papers 2007-003
Boston and Maine Railroad Records 1997-006
Boutin, Bernard L. Papers 1994-048
Bouton, Reverend Nathaniel Papers 1972-022
Boxell, Alethea C. Photograph Collection S1995-027
Boyd, George and William Papers 1974-075
Brackett-Weeks Letters 1999-020
Bradley, Cyrus P. Papers 1913-001
Brampton Woolen Mills Records 2009-008
Brereton, Charles Papers
Brewster, Charles W. Papers 1977-079
Brewster Family Papers 1981-032


Briggs, James F. Papers 1970-039
Bristol Home Industries Records 1990-037
Brock, David Papers 2011-085
Bronson, Orin Papers 1982-004
Brown Company Records 2009-076
Brown, Cyrus W. Papers 1979-020
Bryant Family Papers 2002-043
Burbeck Family Papers 1997-046
Burgum Family Papers
Burke, Edmund Papers 1963-024
Burnham-Stearns Papers 1979-017
C Back to top
Call, Levi Papers 1979-028
Camp Forest Hills 2006-011
Capital City Barracks Records 1989-077
Carleton, Ebenezer Papers 1985-084
Carpenter, Joseph Papers 1969-030(M)
Carrigan, Philip Papers 1955-003
Carroll, Henry, and Baker, Nathanial Papers 1983-118
Carter, John A. Architectural Papers
Carter, Thomas M. Papers 2004-014
Cate Family Papers 1981-110
Cate Family Papers II 1981-037

Chandler, William E. Papers



Chase, Amos Papers 1973-044
Chase, Benjamin Papers 1989-002
Chase, Charles Papers 1963-001
Chase Family Papers 1993-035
Chase, Horace Papers 1971-035
Chase, Jonathan Papers 1878-001
Chase Papers 1983-046
Chinook Collection 2009-025
Chworowsky, Jane L. Papers 1994-008
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Records
Clark, Morris Papers 1991-030
Clark, Nathaniel Papers 1968-001
Clough, William R. Papers 1976-029
Cocheco Railroad Records 1989-049
Coe-Burt Family Papers 1989-125
Colonial Wars Collection 1989-084(M)
Concord Bank Records 1989-011
Concord Female Charitable Society Records 1996-048
Concord Public Library Collection 1983-084
Continental Congress, Proceedings of Committee at Headquarters 1837-001
Convention of Northern States, Proceedings
Corning, Charles R. Papers 1875-030
Cornish Bridge Records 1936-002
Cornish Grange Records 1996-067
Cosgrove, Alice E. Papers 1985-052
Cram Family Papers 1965-047
Cressey, Richard Papers 2007-041(V)
Cromwell, Richard A. Papers 2004-021
Cross-Kent Letters (Cross, Edward to Kent, Henry O.) 2005-021
Currier, Asa and Gideon Papers 1931-003
Cutter, Doctor Ammi R. Papers 1977-010(M)
D Back to top
Dame Family Papers 1986-010(M)
Dana and Bartley Family Papers 2001-012
Dana, Sylvester Papers 1976-059
Daniels Family Papers 1983-028
Davis, Aquilla Papers 1994-004
Davis, Guy E. Papers 2006-018
Deerfield Families Papers 1992-016
De La Cruz, Alejandro Papers 1986-022
Demerritt Family Papers 1996-134
Densmore, Elizabeth Olive Thomas Diaries 2014.080
Dodge, Solomon Papers 1972-063(M)
Doe, Charles Papers 1984-066
Doe, Joseph Papers 1988-028(M)
Dole, E. and Company Records 1998-032
Dolloff Family Papers 1973-047
Dover Public Library Manuscript Collection 1978-023
Dow-Gray-Ela Family Papers 1986-043
Dow, Rufus Papers 1988-002
Downes, Samuel D. Papers 1996-064
Dresser, Samuel Papers 1923-010
Dresser, Martin L. Papers 2010-003
Dubuc, Philias Papers 1991-083
Dudley, John Papers 1926-004
Duncan, George H. Papers 1976-009
Duncan-Jones Family Papers 1963-005
Duncan, Laurence I. Papers 1983-061
E Back to top
Eagle Mountain House and Hall Records 2007-002
Eagle and Phenix Hotel Records 1983-099
East Concord Garden Club Records 2000-096
Emery Family Papers

Episcopal Diocese of NH Women's Auxillary Records 2012-063
F Back to top
Fabian, Margaret and Edward, Wall Stencils Research 1987-043
Fales Collection of Account Books 1973-054
Fales, Edward C. Papers 1993-040
Farmer, John Papers 1961-002
Farrar, Timothy Papers 1877-001
Federal Bridge Records 1968-019
Fisher, John Papers 1981-114
Fisk Family Papers 1976-012
Fisk, William F. Papers 1984-039
Fletcher, Samuel Papers 1983-089
Fogg, George G. Papers 1955-009
Forbes Family Papers 1955-011
Foresters of America 1994-054
Fort Constitution Records 1990-101
Forum on New Hampshire's Future 1994-006
Foster, Ethel R. Photograph Collection S2013-071
Foster Family Papers 1992-076
Foster, John G. Papers 1981-115
Foster, John H. Papers 1970-017
Fox Family Papers 2004-028
Franconia College Records 1988-061
Freeman, Jonathan Papers 1920-002
French, Amos T. Papers 1996-145
French, Benjamin B. and Henry F. Papers 1966-011
French, Henry F. Papers 1991-031
Frontiers of Knowledge 2010-024
Frost Family Papers 1983-001
Frost Family Papers 1986-041
Frost (Ffrost), George Papers 1975-029
Frost-Sawyer Collection 1986-041
G Back to top
Gallinger, Jacob H. Papers 1926-007
Garland, Forrest A. Papers 1995-014
Gassett, Josephine M. Papers 1989-022
Gay, Julia M. Papers 2001-035
George Family Papers 2006-027
George, John Hatch Papers 1926-003
Gerould, Samuel L. Papers 1977-080
Gerrish, Benjamin Jr. Papers 1984-014
Gibson, Paul A. Papers 1977-039
Gillette, Louis F. Papers 1993-001
Gilman, Nicholas Papers 1934-004(M)
Gilmore-Carr-Tappan Papers 1991-056
Gilmore, Joseph Papers 1926-006
Godfrey, John S. Papers 1961-018
Gordon, George W. Papers 2014-002
Gould-Rogers Family Papers 1983-032
Gove Family Papers 1991-070
Gove, Jesse A. Papers 1984-015
Granite State Provident Association 1986-028
Grant, George R. Papers 1981-108
Grantman, William Papers 1976-054
Graves, Robert B. Papers 2007-058
Greeley, Nathaniel R. Papers 1979-027
Green Family Papers 1997-078
H Back to top
Haines-Rollins Papers 1978-017
Hale Family Papers 1984-016
Hale, John P. Papers 1926-006
Hale, Samuel W. Papers 1992-008
Hale Shipping Papers 1941-003
Hall, Edward F. Papers 1977-089
Ham Family Papers 1993-031
Hammond Collection 1977-057(M)
Hammond Family Honors and Appointments 1981-069(O)
Hammond, Isaac W. Papers 1977-055 box 4
Hammond, Otis G. Papers 1963-003
Hammond Shipping Papers 1977-051
Hancock Drug Store Records 2006-026
Hardy, Lucius M. Papers 2012-053
Harris, Henry L. Collection 2009-089
Hatch, Albert R. Papers 1918-001
Hazelton, George C. Papers 1977-084
Head, Natt Papers 2009-067
Hibbard Collection 1957-011(V)
Hill, Edward Papers 1990-038
Hill Family Papers 1985-053
Hill, Isaac Papers 1963-014
Hill, Ivory B. Papers 1961-015
Hobbs-Leavitt Papers 1974-023
Howe, Lucius M. Papers 1971-041
Hoyt Family Papers 1965-022
Hutchins, Clara J. Papers 2003-004
Hutchins, Ephraim Papers 1972-032
J Back to top
Jackman, Lyman Papers 1963-022
Jewell, Bradbury Papers 1964-002
Jewett, Aaron Papers 1977-050
Jewett, Kenneth Papers 1986-008a
Jewett, Maurice B. Papers 2005-003
Jones, Amos H. Papers 1991-043
K Back to top
Kearsarge Peg Company Records 1982-077
Kelly, John Papers 1963-047
Kemp, Doctor Zachariah W. Papers 2008-005
Kenison, Frank R. Papers 1981-112
Kent Family Diaries 2007-051
Kent-Thomas Family Papers 1960-014
Kidder, Glen M. Photograph Collection 1990-041
Kidder, Leonard R. Papers 1991-084
Kimball, Joseph H. Papers 1983-092
Kimball-Jenkins Collection 1984-099
King, John W. Papers 2008-013
Kitteredge, Walter Papers 1999-018
Knights of Pythias Records 2002-072
Knowlton, James S. Papers 1978-044
L Back to top
Lambert, Thomas R. Papers 1976-022
Lane Family (of Hampton and Stratham) Papers 1991-095
Lang, Richard Papers 1983-033
Langdon, John and Langdon-Elwyn Papers 1895-001
Larkin, James E. Papers 1997-005
Larrabee, Ralph C. Papers S2008-026
Lawrence, Centre H. Papers 1963-016
League of Women Voters of NH Records 2003-003
Levenseler, Whitman Papers S1996-042
Liscom Family Papers 2010-057
Lister Silver Fox Company 1975-044
Little Family Papers 1962-002
Livermore, Abiel A. Papers 1926-001
Livermore Family Papers 1967-030
Livius, Peter Papers 1914-001
Loan and Trust Savings Bank 1992-025
Locke, Belle M. Papers 1990-048
Long, Captain John C. Papers 1965-025(M)
Lovering, James M. Papers 1983-091
Low, Mary Ann Papers 1986-041
Low, Sarah Papers 1965-010
Lyford, James O. Papers 1926-002
Lyman, Theodore Papers 2009-082
M Back to top
Marcy, Daniel Papers 1982-044
Marseilles, Charles Papers 1927-001
Marshall, James H. Papers 2012-069
Marston-Eastman Papers 1995-007
Marston, Gilman Papers 1947-001
Marston Papers 1920-004
Mason, Jeremiah Papers 1962-006
McClure Papers 1940-002
McIntire, Johnson C. Papers 1979-026
McLane, Susan N. Papers 2005-016
McNeil, John Papers 1982-072
McNeil-Pierce Papers 2000-095
Mellen, Charles S. Papers 1938-001
Merrimack Farmers Exchange Record

Moffat-Whipple Collection 1895-002
Moody-Trow Family Papers 1990-251
Mooney Family Diaries 1964-013
Moore, John and Asher Papers 1974-006
Moore, Nathan Papers 1955-006
Moore, William A. Papers 1954-003(M)
Morris and Stark Papers 1916-001(V)
Morrison Family Papers 1963-002
Moses, George H. Papers 1960-001
Moulton Family Papers 1992-077
Mt. Pleasant - Bretton Woods Company 1993-030
Mudge, John T. B. Papers 1993-058
N Back to top
National Street Capital Bank Records 1991-053
Neil, William and Charles Papers 1967-026
Nelson, W. F. Papers 1967-036
Nesmith, George W. Papers 1978-055
NH Asylum for the Insane Records 1979-008
NH Centennial Home for the Aged Records 2010-059
NH Conference, United Church of Christ Records 2003-018
NH Early Documents 1991-095
NH Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Records 1999-016
NH Federation of Women's Clubs Records 1986-021
NH Papers Collection 1988-055
New Hampshire Historical Society Records 1921-003
NH Home Missionary Society Records 1990-070
NH Manufacturers' Association Records 2004-003
NH Medical Society Papers 1992-043
NH Militia Records, War of 1812 1989-064
NH Nurses Association Records 2005-014
NH Nurse Practitioner Association Records 2005-018
NH Patents Collection Records 1993-026
NH Save Outdoor Sculpture Records S1997-015
NH Savings Bank Passbooks 1997-039
NH Savings Bank Records 1993-029
NH Social Welfare Council Records 2006-002
NH Society of New York Records 1939-002
NH State Election Posters Records S1995-017
NH Sunday School Association Records 2010-049
NH Travel Council Records 1994-047
NH Treasurer's Accounts 1989-029(V)
New Haven Colony Historical Society Records 1980-003
Nims, Brigham Papers 1969-023
Nowell, William Gray Papers 2012-057
Northern Railroad Papers 1988-054
Nutting Family Papers 2003-002
O Back to top
Olson Granite Company Records 1995-019
Ordway, John C. Jr. Papers 1983-002
P Back to top
Page Belting Company Records 1994-038
Page, Curtis H. Papers 1962-021
Page, Daniel and Samuel T. Papers 1990-017
Page, Elwin L. Papers 1985-051
Page Family Correspondence Papers 1993-027
Page Family Papers 1977-062
Parrott, John F. Papers 1925-002
Parrott/Toscan Family Papers 1984-064
Parsons, Charles Papers 1987-004
Parsons, Frank N. Papers 1984-023
Patterson, Joab N. Papers 1994-002
Peabody, Nathaniel Papers 1837-001
Peaslee, Charles H. Papers 1926-003
Peaslee Family Papers 1981-046
Peaslee, Luther D. Papers 1965-030
Pecker, Jonathan E. Papers 1972-026
Peirce Family Papers 1974-039
Peirce, Israel Papers 1986-010(M)
Perkins, Charles M. Papers 1991-075
Perkins, George H. Papers 1982-068
Perkins, Hamilton E. Papers 1990-041
Perkins, Napoleon Papers 1994-066(M)
Perkins/Towle Papers 1977-035
Perley, Ira Papers 1983-066
Perr Family Papers 1971-036
Perry, William Papers 1992-020
Pharmacy Records 1992-068
Pheniz Hotel Records 1983-099
Philbrook, Anna L. Papers 1996-141
Pickering, Charles W. Papers 1994-072
Pierce, Benjamin Papers 1982-071
Pierce, Franklin Papers 1929-001
Pike, Austin F. Papers 1934-002
Pillsbury, Moody A. Papers 1982-045
Piscataqua Bridge Records

Piscataqua Missionary Society Records 1996-116
Plumer, William Papers 1886-001(V)
Plummer Family Papers 1994-001
Port Royal Band Records 1997-067
Portsmouth & Concord Railroad Records 1977-043
Prescott, Benjamin F. Papers 1977-088
Prescott, Capt. John H. Papers 1957-014
Prescott, Sarah E. Papers 2006-013
Proctor, Edna D. Papers 1928-006
Putnam Family Papers 1992-041
Q Back to top
Quincy Family Papers 1996-001
R Back to top
Railroad Papers Collection 1963-021
Rand, Reverend William A. Papers 1981-051
Raymond/Ward Material 1977-015
Reed, Hannah F. Papers 1991-007
Reynolds, Maynard and Alice Papers 1993-041
Rindge Papers 1984-017
Rix, James M. Papers 1984-018
Roberts, Edmund Papers 1939-004
Robertson, Harrison D. Papers 1963-010
Roby, Luther Papers 1984-010
Rockingham Park Race Track Records 1998-038
Rolfe and Rumford Home Records 2009-078
Rollins, Edward H. Papers 1977-031
Rowell Family Papers 1975-041
Rumford Papers 1974-047
Ruth, Lawrence and Charlotte Papers 1993-039
S Back to top
Sabine, Lorenzo Papers 1978-057
St. Frances, Cleo Papers 1992-017
Salter, John Papers 1984-020
Saltmarsh Family Papers 1988-004
Sanborn, Cyrus K. Papers 1966-032
Sanborn, Ezra Papers 1957-001
Sanborn Family Papers 1974-058
Sargent, Dudley, and Conway Family Papers 2012-046
Sargent, Edward Papers 1972-030
Sawyer, Charles H. Papers and Sawyer Woolen Mills Records 1992-010
Sawyer and Fiske Family Papers 2003-013
Sawyer, Luther D. Papers 1987-005
Shackford Collection of Family Papers 1977-090
Shaw, Tristram Papers 1983-090
Sheafe, James Papers 1976-008
Shelburne, Town of 1990-040
Shepard, George N. Papers 2006-015
Sherburne, Family Papers 1914-004
Sheridan Post No. 14 Records, Grand Army of the Republic, 1868-1923 2012-033
Shipping Papers Collection 1989-112
Sinclair House Registers 2014.057
Smalley et al Granite Company Records 1992-069
Spalding & Company Records 1963-034
Spalding, Dr. Lyman Papers 1925-002
Spalding/Parrott/Toscan Family Papers 1981-027
Spaulding-Potter Charitable Trusts 1973-041
Squires, Dr. James D. Papers 1970-031
Stark, Caleb Papers 1977-048
Stark Family Papers 1978-003
Stark, General John Papers
Stearns, Foster W. Papers 1973-042
Stearns, Captain George Papers 1989-023
Steele, David Papers 2001-032
Stickney, Arthur F. Papers 1992-009
Stone, Captain Andrew Papers 1989-024
Stone Family Letters Papers 2003-007
Streeter, Frank S. Papers 1999-008
Sturtevant, Henry C. Papers 1972-021
Sullivan, General John Papers 1928-001(V)
Sullivan Railroad Papers 1989-048
Sulloway, Alvah Papers 2007-035
Sulloway, Richard Papers 1966-007
Swasey Family Papers 1983-019
Symonds & Morey Family Papers 1981-030
Szainer, Armand Papers 2005-020
T Back to top
Tappan, Mason Weare Papers 1982-020
Taylor, John and Webster Family Papers 1993-006(M)
Thayer, Stephen Papers 1975-064
Thompson, Ebenezer Papers 1983-044
Thompson, Ruth L. Papers 1977-027
Thorndike, Annalee D. Papers 2004-024
Thorp, Abraham Papers 2003-001
Tilton, Sewell D. Papers 1977-091
Titcomb, Esther Photograph Collection S1996-041
Tolles, Bryant F. Jr. Papers 1990-039
Tolles, Bryant F. Jr. Photograph Collection S1992-520
Tolles/Moseley Family Papers 1991-057
Toscan Papers 1925-002
Townsend Family Papers 1989-044
Tredick Family Papers 1982-069
Tuck, Edward Papers 1921-003
U Back to top
United Press International Records 1993-059
Upton, George E. Papers 1963-029
Upton, Robert W. Papers 1971-007
U.S. Army Paymaster Records 1983-046
V Back to top
Van Dame, Reverend Bartholomew Papers 1956-008
Varney Family Papers 1996-142(M)
Vaughan, Dorothy M. Collection 2004-031
Vaughan Family Papers 1923-007
Vennard, Andrew B. Papers 1978-032
Vose Family Papers 2001-055
W Back to top
Wakeman, William W. Papers 1976-031
Waldron Papers 1833-001
Walker Family Papers 1979-045
Walker Family Papers 1958-013
Walker, Joseph B. Papers 1984-089
Walker, Samuel H. Papers 1961-001
Weare, Meshech Papers 1917-003
Webster, Albert G. Papers 1992-015
Webster, Daniel Papers 1876-001(V)
Webster, Edward C. Papers 2012-043
Webster, Samuel C. Papers 1972-012
Weeks, John S. Papers 1977-067
Weeks, John Wingate Papers
Wentworth Papers 1939-006(V)
West Concord Garden Club Records 1994-007
Wheelock Papers 1984-021
Whitcomb/Chase/Parker Papers 2010-050
Whitman, Edward Jr. Papers


Whitney, Dorothy Papers 1925-005(V)
Whittemore, Arthur G. Papers 1979-041
Whittemore Family Papers 1975-080
Whittier, Ruth E. Papers 1991-001
Whittle Family Papers 1978-011
Wiggin, J. Walker Papers 1985-043
Wilson, James Jr. Papers 1974-012
Wingate Family Papers 1907-001
Wood, Horace Papers 1952-001
Woodbury, Daniel P. Papers 1967-042
Woodbury, George E. Papers 1995-073
Woodbury, Levi Papers 1963-008
Worcester Papers 1984-022
Y Back to top
Yeaton Family Papers 1988-005(M)

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