Abbot-Downing: Coach and Wagon Makers to the World

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This richly illustrated publication of the New Hampshire Historical Society presents an overview history of the Abbot-Downing Company and an examination of the art and science of coach decoration through the work of John Burgum, one of the company’s chief ornamental painters. Also included is a list of surviving Concord coaches that have been identified (as of 2011). Contributors to the publication's content include Harry N. Scheiber, professor of history and law at the University of California at Berkeley; Merri Ferrell, past curator of the carriage collection at the Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages; Christopher Augerson, former conservator of paint and gilding at the Chateau of Versailles Coach Museum; and William Copeley, former librarian at the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Editor: Donna-Belle Garvin

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