Covered Bridges of New Hampshire

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There are over 60 authentic covered bridges in New Hampshire; 46 of which are over a century old. These bridges exist today solely because of the efforts of a small but powerful community who both recognized their significance and honored their tradition. These covered bridges are an integral part of the fabric of New Hampshire’s history, but each bridge has its own story to tell. Some have stood sentry over their waterways without incident; others have risen like a phoenix from the ashes after a tragedy took them down. The covered bridges serve as touchstones, providing a link from here to there and from then to now. This new and engaging history of New Hampshire's covered bridges features historical photos of each bridge paired with color images. The author partnered with bridgewrights, timber framers, bridge engineers, historical societies, town offices, libraries, state and national organizations, and community members to compile extensive histories of each bridge.

​Author: Kim Varney Chandler is a researcher, amateur genealogist, photographer, bird watcher, and dog lover. She is a two-time graduate of the University of New Hampshire (’91, ’96G), where her love of history began as a student of Professor Charles E. Clark. When not immersed in the past, Kim works as a high school counselor and volunteer. A life-long resident of New Hampshire, she lives in Hancock.
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