Governor Frank Rollins Bobblehead

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Frank West Rollins (1860–1915) served as governor of New Hampshire from 1899 to 1901. Best known for starting Old Home Week in 1899, Rollins urged that the forests of the White Mountains be saved to attract tourists. Determined to reinvigorate the state's economy and to help save New Hampshire’s rural past, Rollins established Old Home Week as a statewide homecoming. In an Old Home Week address in Concord, Rollins decried the clear-cutting of the forests of the White Mountains and declared, “This must stop.” Rollins helped found the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in 1901 and served as the organization’s first president. Rollins loved travel and sailing and the Society’s bobblehead is fashioned after a photograph of the former New Hampshire governor at the helm of one his boats, circa 1903. The limited-edition bobblehead measures 7" high.

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