Historical New Hampshire, Volume 59, No. 2, Fall 2005


This themed issue of the New Hampshire Historical Society's journal, titled "Weighing the Evidence: Four Centuries of Legal Action in New Hampshire," features an introduction by Richard A. Hesse and four articles: "Breaking the Bonds: The Role of New Hampshire's Courts in Freeing Those Wrongly Enslaved,1640s-1740s" by Robert B. Dishman; "Bridge over Troubled Waters: 'Dover v. The Proprietors of Portsmouth Bridge' and the Changing Economic and Legal Landscape, 1815-1845" by Eric C. Stoykovich; "Fighting Words: 'Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire' and Jehovah's Witnesses in New Hampshire during World War II" by Shawn Francis Peters; and "'Preserving Posterity from Tyranny': John Adams and the Claremont Decisions" by James M. Farrell.

Editor: Donna-Belle Garvin

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