Reasons to Give

Ten reasons to make a gift to the New Hampshire Historical Society.

We are essential to New Hampshire.

People love New Hampshire for both its natural and cultural landscapes. Our culture has been shaped by our history, and an appreciation of history is fundamental to developing an understanding of our individual and collective identities. As the only statewide institution that saves, preserves, and shares New Hampshire's history, the New Hampshire Historical Society is essential to our state and its citizens. Our collections, programs, and services focus exclusively on New Hampshire. If you love New Hampshire and want to see its heritage preserved, the New Hampshire Historical Society is the place to give.

Our mission is everlasting.

Founded in 1823 the New Hampshire Historical Society is the fifth-oldest statewide historical society in the country. As long as there is a New Hampshire, there will be a need to save, preserve, and share its history.

We are one-of-a-kind.

No other statewide organization is exclusively devoted to saving, preserving, and sharing New Hampshire’s history. Because most of our collection items are unique, it would be impossible to duplicate the breadth and depth of the collections we have saved since 1823. Nowhere will you find a more extensive collection of archives and objects related to New Hampshire history. And, our collections increase in size and historical value every day thanks to the support of generous donors.

We are an independent, nonprofit organization.

The Society is an independent, nonprofit, member-supported organization, not a state-funded agency. All of our work to save, preserve, and share New Hampshire's history depends on membership dues and contributions from people like you.

Our mission benefits everyone.

We are accessible to the entire public, whether it is a person in California who is interested in her family’s genealogy, a student in Illinois who is researching New Hampshire’s role in nominating Abraham Lincoln, a resident researching his old house, or a local reporter who is looking for context on a current-day story. We are a resource to all.

You know where your gift is going.

Our mission is focused. By giving to the Society, you know that your gift will be going to support the saving, preserving, and sharing of New Hampshire’s history—period. And, by giving to the Society, your investment stays right here in your community—New Hampshire.

Our results are concrete and cumulative.

Your financial contribution supports assets that grow over time (e.g., museum and archival collections) and projects that last (e.g., research, publications, school curricula). Everything we do, however, is ultimately focused on education. The more people learn about New Hampshire, the more our heritage becomes common knowledge. And knowledge is truly cumulative.

We will not use your gift to compete with other collecting institutions.

The majority of our collections have been donated. When we do purchase items, we take care to not compete with other nonprofit collecting institutions. Our philosophy is to ensure that historically important archives and artifacts enter the public domain for research and educational value, and are placed with the organization that is best able to care for them and make them accessible to the public.

We are well managed.

The Society manages itself prudently and for the long term. Our trustees are among the most respected in the state, our executive management is solid, and our governance practices meet the highest standards for nonprofit institutions.

Your gift will make a difference today and in the future.

The Society exists today in all its vibrancy due to the contributions of many individuals who have given generously of themselves. We are grateful to the generations of Society members who have come before us and together created an institution of enduring value. That legacy continues today, and individuals remain the Society's largest and most loyal source of support. Be a part of the legacy.

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