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Object Name: Lamp

Object ID: 1967.047.41 a

Date: 1870

Description: Lamp, oil. Glass and metal, with cotton wick. Two-piece molded base with finger ring and column. On column is squat rounded reservoir with flared lip at shoulder and shallow dome top leading to adapter ring. Two decorative grooves around adapter ring which is held in place by plaster. Mold marks on side of base that go through center of finger ring handle. Mold marks protrude up into sides of reservoir. Cast letters on bottom of base that read through clear-glass base. Two concentric rings of serif letters: "TRADEMARK / OIL GUARD LAMP PATD SEP 20 1870". Burner and chimney holder assembly thread into adapter ring. Flat wick tube with wick adjusting screw extending from it. Four arms that extend upward from threaded section to hold chimney platform, provide a locking mechanism for chimney by spring action of arms, support wick tube and additional wick support. Spring action of four arms keeps chimney in place. Arms are flat brass with tear-drop and round hole on each of them as decorations with slightly rounded end. The four arms are riveted to shallow truncated cone section with a series of holes on upper side. Knurled edge around outside of platform and edge is turned under a little. At center of platform is squared grid of very fine holes surrounding wick tube. At edge of burner platform is a hinge that holds a rounded, slotted burner cap. Cap has perforated disc attached to inside which has multiple holes in square pattern and rectangular slot that fits over end of burner tube. Remnants of silver-colored plating on outside of this top burner cap. Small pawl catch on edge of burner cap. Stamped into side of burner cap over hatch: "Trench / Patent." On wick adjusting knob shaft is flat knob with knurled edge and stamped on surface of knob two concentric lines of text. Outside "E. Miller & Co" Inside line: "Made in U. S. A. " With this device is six inches of actual wick.

Material: Glass

Dimensions: H-7.3 Dia-4 inches

Credit Line: Gift of Ethel Rock Millen

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