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Lamp, Kerosene

Object Name: Lamp, Kerosene

Object ID: 1978.079.18 a

Description: Lamp, stamped brass and iron. Cup-shaped body with decorative stamped handle soldered to side. Slightly domed stamped brass cover with central burner mount and chimney support mechanism. Threaded cap on top surface of reservoir. Slightly flared base with reservoir with a number of small rectangular slots in it. Below that is a shallow, tapered surface that leads to slightly sloped, domed base. Round steel insert in bottom held in place by the turned-over brass edge of base. Two, very small holes at edge of bottom piece. Convex, rounded shallow foot around outer edge of base. Some decorative reeded and fluted areas on top of reservoir and a small band of knurled decoration. The almost flat reservoir cap has knurled edge. Adjusting knob for flat wick below burner module. Array of small holes around base of wick tube. Hinged chimney platform with scalloped edge. Number of small round holes near this edge. Tightening screw on one side of burner platform. Small pawl on bottom of burner platform that snaps over the edge of wick stage. Small arm near chimney hinge with flat end that prevents chimney platform from extending too far in its travel. Information on end of wick-adjusting knob stamped into metal: "E. MILLER .... CO MER......". Some areas on side of font look like they were highly polished and coated, otherwise item has motley finish of different types of tarnish, corrosion and residues around surface.

Material: Metal

Dimensions: H-6 W-5.2 D-4.2 inches

Provenance: From collection assembled by James Cowan Sawyer (1872-1944) in Durham, NH. Donated by his sons, Charles H. and George F. Sawyer.

Credit Line: Gift of Charles H. and George F. Sawyer

People: Sawyer, George F. (1902-1992), Sawyer, Charles H. (1906-2005), Sawyer, James Cowan (1872-1944)

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