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Little, Alfred (1823-1880)

Name: Little, Alfred (1823-1880)

Title: Melodeon tuner, Charles Austin, Concord, 1845-1850
Melodeon tuner, Dearborn & Bartlett, Concord, -1852
Fife Major, 21st Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers
Inventor, Orchestral melodeon

Born: 06/03/1823

Birthplace: Boscawen, NH

Died: 12/26/1880

Death Location: Concord, NH

Residence: Boscawen, NH 1823-1836, 1840
Peoria, IL 1836-1840
Concord, NH 1840-1880

Nationality: American

Occupation: Musician
Melodeon player and tuner

Father: Little, Henry (1792-1838)

Mother: Little, Susan (1798-

Notes: Disabled -- legs paralyzed as a child; used crutches.

George T. Little, The Descendants of George Little, Who Came to Newbury, Massachusetts, in 1640. (Lewiston, ME: Journal Office, 1882), 241-242.

Charles C. Coffin, Compiler. The History of Boscawen and Webster from 1733-1878. (Concord, New Hampshire: Republican Press Association 1878), 225, 415-418, 578.

D. Hamilton Hurd, History of Merrimack County, New Hampshire.

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