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Bouton, John Bell (1830-1902)

Name: Bouton, John Bell (1830-1902)

Title: Editor, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH
Editor and Proprietor, New York Journal of Commerce
Editor, Appleton's Annual Encyclopedia
Member, Lotus Club, New York

Born: 03/15/1830

Birthplace: Concord, NH

Died: 11/18/1902

Death Location: Cambridge, MA

Residence: Concord, NH
Cleveland, OH
New York, NY
East Orange, NJ 1888
Cambridge, MA 1889-1902

Nationality: American

Occupation: Newspaper Editor

Father: Bouton, Nathaniel (Rev.) (1799-1878)

Mother: Bell, Mary Ann (1804-1839)

Relations: Siblings:
Bouton, Harriette Sherman (1832-1920; b. Concord, NH; m. John W. Noyes; children)
Bouton, Mary Ann Persis (1834-1865; b. Concord, NH; m. Gen. Louis Bell; res. Chester, NH; children)
Bouton, Samuel Fletcher (1837-1902; b.Concord, NH; m1. Ann Louise Hall, 1856; m2. Mary Ann Hoyt 1860; children; res. Chicago IL; d. Florida)
Bouton, Elizabeth Ripley (c.1827-; b.Concord NH; m. Rev. John C. Webster)
Bouton, Nathaniel Sherman (c.1828-; b. Concord, NH; res. Chicago, IL)
Bouton, William Horation (c.1840-c.1842, Concord, NH)
Bouton, George Bradbury (d. at 6 years old, Concord, NH)
Bouton, Ann Cilley (d. at 3 years old, Concord, NH)
Grandparents: N.H. Gov. John Bell of Chester, NH. Sarah Benedict & William Bouton of Norwalk, CT.

Spouse: Eliza J. Nesmith, December 4, 1873, Lowell, MA.

Children: (none)

Notes: SEE ALSO (grandfather): Bell, John (Gov)
SEE ALSO (grandmother): Bell, Persis Thom
SEE ALSO (father): Bouton, Nathaniel
SEE ALSO (sister): Noyes, Harriette
SEE ALSO (half-sister): Bouton, Elizabeth / Webster, Elizabeth
SEE ALSO (brother-in-law): Noyes, John Weare (Sr)
SEE ALSO (nephew): Noyes, John Weare (Jr)
SEE ALSO (niece): Noyes, Mary Bell

"Death of John Bell Bouton," The Boston Herald, Boston, MA November 19, 1902, 7.

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