Mount Kearsarge: History, Stories, Legends and Folktales

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For nearly a decade, Larry Sullivan of Warner has delved into the history of Warner and the Mount Kearsarge region. Sullivan enjoys local history, especially the forgotten stories and events that aren’t found in our history books, and he has worked with the Warner Historical Society to bring back some of the region's forgotten stories. Sullivan's book about Mount Kearsarge goes beyond the town of Warner. Mount Kearsarge: History, Stories, Legends and Folktales is the product of research and data collection from the Kearsarge region and beyond. The book starts with an overview of Mount Kearsarge, to provide the “back story” for over 30 stories and several folktales related to the mountain. Also included are many “Recollections” of the mountain, from an early account by Henry David Thoreau about his grandmother’s visit to the Kearsarge Gore, to excerpts of writings by local people who looked up one day and saw a huge, unwelcome tower on their mountain.

Author: Larry Sullivan, with original artwork by Mimi Wiggin
(Softcover) Autographed copy. 

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