We Went to War: New Hampshire Remembers

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In 2007 Meg Heckman and Mike Pride set out to find members of the World War II generation still living in New Hampshire 62 years after the war ended. We Went to War compiles the stories the two writers collected. In these pages you’ll witness the courage of a generation shocked into a worldwide catastrophe. You’ll understand how global the conflict was and how arbitrarily it changed—and ended—lives. Although some of the women and men interviewed for We Went to War recall the gung-ho spirit of the time, they do not candy-coat their experiences. The war was death and mutilation. This generation’s “job,” as its members saw it, was to do their part and come home safely. And to remember, no matter how much they wanted to forget.

Authors: Meg Heckman and Mike Pride
(Hardcover; 317 pages)

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